Top 5 Bike Accessories

Who says that bikes need to be boring? If you’re someone who rides a bike regularly, you might consider picking up a few accessories for your ride to help it better reflect your personality and your interests. We compiled a short list of some new cycling accessories that are definitely worth checking out. As you’ll see, some of the items are simple (such as a basket for your pet to ride in) while others are fairly technologically advanced (like a GPS unit for your bicycle). Enjoy!

  1. Yakkay Helmet: Sure, a helmet’s main purpose is to protect a cyclist’s skull, but unfortunately, a great many helmets aren’t very appealing aesthetically. Oftentimes, they can be bulky or all together awkward to wear. However, the Yakkay Helmet is a notable exception, as it is designed to look more like a normal hat than a helmet. It features a black PVC dome-frame that’s completely covered by a fashionable cap—and the best part is that you can customize the cap to your particular taste or style. From a standard ball cap to a cloche-style hat, the Yakkay can be worn with a wide range of cool custom covers.
    Yakkay Helmets and Covers
  2. Garmin Edge 520 Bike Computer: While most of our phones feature dedicated GPS mapping apps, it can be tough to cycle and flip through your phone for directions at the same time. Thankfully, Garmin has a cool GPS unit that you can clip on to your belt or attach directly to your bike. The gizmo pairs with Strava live segments and ANT+ indoor trainers and power meters and tracks your speed, overall distance and even the amount of calories that you burn during your ride. It even offers social media sharing and weather updates.Edge® 520
  3. Pet Basket: It’s pretty easy to bring your furry friend along for a ride in the car, but what if you want to bring your cat or dog along with you when you cycle? You could always pick up a pet basket (with a little attachable safety cage) for your smaller pet, or you could pick up a pet trailer—which features rugged wheels and a nifty cover—for a larger dog or cat.
  4. Bike Growler: Are you a big fan of craft beer? Well, then you’re probably familiar with the old school growler. The growler is basically a large glass jug that you can take to your local brewery and have it filled up with your favorite brew. So, if you tend to ride your bike to your nearest brewery, you can use a bike growler bag to attach your growler safely to your bike!
  5. Bike Shelf: If you live in an apartment, it can be tough to find space to store your bike. With a bike shelf, you can easily and safely hang your bike up on the wall. The cool thing about the shelf, especially this handmade version from Etsy seller Wearechrome, is that it also features an extra shelf for your other bike accessories like your helmet, gloves or water bottle.

There are so many great bike accessories available on the web or at your local bike shop. You can even purchase Bicycle Adventures gear from us! With all the choices, you’re bound to find an accessory or two that fits your needs perfectly!



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