Leavenworth Delivered

The first Mountain Bike Tour in Leavenworth delivered 4 days of spectacular weather, rafting in fast and high white water, wineries that were better than expected and 4 days of great mountain biking with lots of climbing (possibly an understatement), challenging descents and mountain top views that were second to none.

The group was fun and up for anything.  They needed to be as we ventured into some uncharted routes which always seemed to go up rather than down.  Everyone returned home in one piece (I won’t say unscathed) thanks to our head guide Kempton Baker who provided plenty of coaching and motivation.   By the end of the tour we had all grew more  confident, improved our mountain bike skills and of course gained quite a bit of fitness.

Of course we were never short of laughs,  but hard not to have a few laughs when you throw together guests from Texas, Canada and California.  If you are looking for something new and different give this tour a try.



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