Along for the Ride – Day 10 at Bicycle Adventures: 6 Miles

Aug 1, 2019: 

Carrie, my mother in law, is what I would call an avid cyclist. So naturally when she found out about my new job she wanted to go out riding with me. I agreed, as this would be a good way for me to practice biking and spend some quality time with her. I then realized I did not have a bike to ride. Luckily for me, Bicycle Adventures was selling off some of their 2017 Orbea bike fleet and Brad helped me get fitted to one for my ride. Working at this company is already paying off.

My bike ride at Lopez with just yoga pants left my sit bones hurting for a couple days after so I was in need of something that could make the ride more comfortable. Brad pulled out a giant Tupperware container with some leftover BA branded gear lying around and found a jersey and shorts in my size. I went into the bathroom to change and immediately noticed that it had a “held in” feeling very akin to Spanx. As I zipped up my jersey, I looked in the mirror and couldn’t help but laugh! I felt and looked like a spandex sausage. Don’t get me started on the butt padding (apparently the technical term is chamois). It felt like I had on a GIANT maxi pad in the shape of a bike seat. I waddled out of the bathroom like a pregnant penguin still adjusting to this outfit. Todd explained the benefits of a chamois while I adjusted my stance to something less unrefined and Camille took a photo of me posing awkwardly in my uniform like a proud mom.

Carrie picked the East Lake Sammamish River Trail that was close to work, paved, off the main road and comfortable. She was patient with me as I worked through figuring out these new shifters and making it so I wasn’t throwing my full weight into one leg to push the pedal down. Eventually I found my groove and we rode through Marymoor Park and down and back the paved section of the River Trail. I felt the post exercise adrenaline rush and thought to myself, yeah I could keep doing this.



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