Canadian Cycling Holidays

Cycling is a great way to stay in shape, but this form of exercise can also make for a wonderful holiday. You will find many great Canadian locations to pick for your upcoming cycling holiday.

cycling holidays

When you book a Canadian cycling holiday, you can choose self-guided tours where you pick your own route, decide your location, where you want to travel, how far you want to travel, and then break it down based on how far you want to go each day.

Solo or group trips

When you are planning your Canadian cycling holidays you have to decide whether you want to do things completely on your own for a solo trip or with a group. Should you opt for something in between, you can choose things like supported trips where perhaps you travel over the span of multiple weeks but you have friends who meet you at various intervals, bike with you just for the day and replenish your supplies in the process.  You don’t have to pick a trip that is nothing but pitching a tent at the end of a 20 mile hike, you can book accommodations along your cycling holiday that give you a comfortable bed, warm shower, and some of your meals included. A hot breakfast can be a great way to start each day of your long cycling trip while coming home to a comfortable bed is the perfect way to end your trip.

Choose accommodations and stops

When you head out on a Canadian cycling holiday, it’s not just about the cycling. Your holiday is also an opportunity to see beautiful landscapes, visit historical points of interest, and integrate some of the vacation activities you’ve always wanted to do in Canada.  If you opt for supported tricks where you are so low for some of your trek but joined every so often by friends or family along the way, you can easily schedule fun day trips like local Cuisine tasting or local wine tasting, visits to popular lakes or beaches or even historical towns.

  • This can include planning stops in and around your cycling trip where you stay at 4 star hotels while you bike around the Waterfront Trails of Niagara Falls and enjoy culinary expeditions like wine tasting.
  • This can also include a few days out of a mountain hut where you are deep in the P’tit Train du Nord area of Quebec.
  • You can settle for something in between where you schedule into your vacation the Blueberry Bicycle Route in Canada over the span of a week or even The Kettle Valley rail biking trail for more moderate bikers over the span of five days. This type of trip includes much more than simple cycling and also includes culinary expeditions. You can stay at hotels along this 256km bike circuit and schedule tastings of local cheeses and craft beer alongside your blueberries, blueberry chocolate, blueberry pies, and all other culinary Delights blueberry based. Look at the Pointe Taillon National Park while you are here.
  • Travel from Ottawa to Kingston using just your bike.
  •  Pics cycling trips over the span of a week where you travel along Quebec’s Kings Road. This type of trip can include accommodations at small bed-and-breakfast or local ends where some of your meals are provided like breakfast. You get to ride along the st-lawrence river, paste local craft beers and maple syrups, wander around old towns in old Quebec City and admire the colonial architecture. 

Downtime on the Road

For anyone planning supported trips or traveling alone, there will be a lot of down time on the road. This downtime is in and around the other activities you have planned providing you with an opportunity to relax on the beach or at your hotel with comfort entertainment. Comfort entertainment applies to any type of entertainment you use while on your Canadian cycling vacation that gives you relaxation, helps you escape for a minute from all of the hard work you’ve put out during the day. This type of entertainment can include playing online mobile casinos with hundreds of games on your mobile device, watching your favorite TV shows or movies, even reading books that you packed along with you. Local libraries are often a great opportunity for you to check out books about the area. Even if there aren’t local libraries, there are still ample opportunities for you to use your mobile device for games of many kinds, and of course electronic books. 



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