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You don’t have to wear specialized cycling clothing for a casual bike ride, but if you’re planning on doing some long-distance cycling (like one of our Epic tours) on a regular basis, you might want to pick up some apparel designed specifically for cycling. The best cycling apparel is designed to not only make cycling safer, but also make the experience more comfortable. If you’re thinking of picking up some cycling clothes, here are a few suggestions on how to choose the right outfit for you:

When you’re purchasing cycling jerseys, it’s best to go with one that’s made of Lycra spandex or another type of material that will wick away moisture and dry quickly. Also, cycling shorts and jerseys are designed to help you to reduce drag, so you don’t want to wear anything that might be too baggy—ideally, cycling clothes should be form-fitting yet comfortable. If your shorts or jersey are too tight or constricting, you may need to go up a size. Cycling shorts are designed to help prevent friction while your legs pump along; they also feature different types of padding in order to make sitting and riding for long periods of time a little more pleasant. Bike shoes should also fit snugly, and it’s important that they’re lightweight too—you don’t want anything that might weigh you down over the long haul.


Now that you have a good idea of how to pick out the right kind of apparel, here are a few suggestions on some popular cycling gear and apparel:

Bike Shoe

The Specialized BG sport road shoe is a lightweight, relatively inexpensive cycling shoe (around $100 USD) that’s perfect for the cyclist who wants to ride a little more seriously, but doesn’t have the budget for high-end, race-quality shoes (which can cost as much as $500 USD). The shoe features three rugged straps for closure, and it also comes with three-bolt, two-bolt setups and cleats (just in case you’re trying out a few different pedal setups).

The Nashbar Men’s Radius Jersey is extremely well made. It’s made from polyester (so it feel soft to the touch, and it will easily wick away any excess sweat), and it features three rear pockets, so you can stash away important items like your cellphone. Giordana’s cycling jerseys for women are also exceptional, and they’re made from a unique blend of fabrics that won’t cause any unnecessary friction. The company’s jerseys also feature the Aerofix Gripper System, which means that the jerseys will fit snugly and won’t ride up.

Craft makes bike shorts for both men and women, and their shorts are well known for being extremely durable, affordable and fairly comfortable. Some of their shorts, such as the Men’s Motion shorts, feature a unique silicone print on the end of each leg in order to prevent the shorts from moving around while you’re riding. If you’re on the hunt for durable cycling shorts that won’t bust your wallet, then you should definitely pick out some shorts from Craft. Giordana, Pearl Izumi and Castelli also offer award-winning shorts with different features depending on your budget and riding style.


When shopping for cycling apparel, make sure to do a little bit of research beforehand on exactly what you’re looking for. Talk to someone at your local bike shop about the kind of riding you do and ask for recommendations. And don’t hesitate to shop around a bit—remember, cycling apparel is all about being comfortable, so only pick up the apparel that works the best for your needs. Feel free to contact Bicycle Adventures if you’re packing for one of our bicycle trips!



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